VisitStraiton report on tourism and wind farms

reportAlthough our principal project is the VisitStraiton website, we are interested in all aspects of tourism promotion in Straiton and the Galloway Forest. As part of this we have compiled a report (April 2013):

Wind Farm Development and Tourism in Straiton: a case-study of tourist provision for the Galloway Forest Park and the Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park.

The second edition (June 2013 – with minor corrections) is now available here as a PDF download (2.9 Mb): click on the picture or here:
Windfarm development & tourism in Straiton

You can also download a copy of the letter which went out, along with the report, to forty-or-so planners, policy makers and politicians: just click here; Windfarms-and-tourism-letter.

For enquiries about the report, please contact us at

3 thoughts on “VisitStraiton report on tourism and wind farms

  1. Your assessment is very balanced. I am in North India where in the desert, wind farms are being opposed by the tourism operators as they cause noise, have spoilt aesthetics and camel safaris now are not possible to be operated in such turbine-impacted locales. I checked your report as I have to give a PPP at a conference in New Delhi on 9 May to know what Scotland felt — been there up to Inverness and around with my friends living in Edinburgh. Thanks. Any news from India, do you wish to have — it is 42 C today at 3 pm.

  2. Camel safaris are not possible here either due to a lack of camels! It is 12 C here, and showery, typical bank holiday weather. Thank you for your comments and good luck with your presentation in New Delhi.


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