About VisitStraiton

Set up in 2013, VisitStraiton is open to anyone within the parish of Straiton and surrounding area who runs a business which depends upon tourism, or who is simply interested in the recreational and tourism offerings of the area to both tourists and residents. We currently have sixteen members. Please contact us at visit.straiton@gmail.com or use the contact form below if you also wish to become a member and be included on our mailing list and help decide our agenda and direction at meetings.

The group’s aims and objectives are:

  • to increase the number of visitors, both day and overnight, to Straiton and surrounding area;
  • to increase awareness of the natural beauty of the village and area;
  • to provide visitors and residents with a positive experience by providing good facilities, interesting walks and information on other activities and the natural and social heritage;
  • to encourage rural businesses which rely on visitors as well as local trade to flourish, thereby improving employment and training opportunities and securing the long term viability of businesses;
  • to bring all sections of the community together and engage with residents.

To achieve these aims we will:

  • promote the VisitStraiton website and ensure it is up-to-date and relevant;
  • work with other agencies and businesses (Ayrshire & Arran Tourism, Forestry Commission etc);
  • liaise with nearby communities and visitor attractions where reciprocal promotional opportunities can be agreed;
  • enhance the community’s experience of the environment, its facilities and opportunities;
  • consult with local residents and businesses to ensure that the promotion of the area and its assets is advantageous to them.

The VisitStraiton.com website was put together by Jonathan Meuli and Bea Holden, who own and manage tourist businesses in Straiton. We are very grateful for the help of numerous other contributors and photographers. The website is intended to give information to visitors to this lovely area, and to encourage others to visit, who have not yet done so. Although we will be putting up some news, VisitStraiton.com is not a community website: that is a project for the future – hopefully the near future. Meanwhile, Maybole’s community website has a good page on Straiton which gives some news. And you can download a copy of the Straiton Arrow, the village newsletter, on our News page. If you want any information about any of the listed accommodation, please contact that provider separately, using the links and contact details provided. If you have any comments on this website, you are welcome to contact us, using the form below. If you are looking for information on the proposed windfarms around Straiton, please visit SaveStraitonforScotland.com.

reportAlthough our principal project is the VisitStraiton website, we are interested in all aspects of tourism promotion in Straiton and the Galloway Forest. As part of this we have compiled a report (April 2013):

Wind Farm Development and Tourism in Straiton: a case-study of tourist provision for the Galloway Forest Park and the Galloway Forest Dark Sky Park.

It is available here as a PDF download (2.9 Mb): click on the picture or here:
Windfarm development & tourism in Straiton

Comments and Questions welcome! – about the site, or the report.

All photos on the site are by Charlie Craig, Bea Holden, Liffy Grant, Jonathan Meuli, Abigail Meuli, Irene Meuli or Annie Muir except where credited. If there are any credits missing, apologies! Please let us know.