The Straiton Show is a big event in the calendar (see News for this year’s date). You’ll probably find Blackface and Beltex rams in their Sunday best, along with Galloway cattle, calves and gymkhana events. And if you are not competing, there is always ice cream for the casual visitor.
ice cream_
Another highlight is the Straiton Fun Day. It opens with a hill run straight up the monument hill (that is very steep) and back down (half-way for the children’s event). The record time is a staggering 16 minutes 11 seconds. You can see the facts and figures on the race at Scottish Hill Racing’s website. Then there are all sorts of stalls, games, and refreshments to be had.

During the summer months, Straiton is also frequently a host to cycle races, (see the Cycle page) as well as meets for Bikers, vintage car rallies, and walkers’ get-togethers. Check the News page, or the local press.

And if you need to host your own event in the neighbourhood … Blairquhan Castle can host both weddings and almost any type of corporate event. “It would be difficult to think of a more romantic place for a wedding than Blairquhan. Listed number 14 by the Independent newspaper in their list of the 50 best places to get married in the world.”Blairquhan_wedding_