So here’s the thing about coming to the countryside. You might have to go off on boring walks with your parents, but, BUT, you might just meet some of these (they’re not very common) …

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blackface_c_JosieCampbell_2or even some of these, not so orange, but pretty fluffy …woolly twobut if you meet one of these, I would go round the other way, if I were you …bull_You might see some cute things …calf_and some things that are cute (well one of them is cute, anyway) and fluffyfunday_I am not sure about the next one thoughCooDon’t worry, not everyting is covered in hair, there are pretty things too100_0155_butterfly_Bring some binoculars, and stay up late to hunt for planetsJupiter_In the village there is one of theseplaypark_c_MaryandAngusHogg_Walks by the river can be fun: don’t fall in here, it looks cold – see the icicles?Mill LadeNearby you might find secret steps to a deserted beach like thisCulzean_c_GordonBrown_of like this (is this the sea too? click to find out)Loch_Riecawr_If you pester your parents they may take you on days out to do stuff like this…Kayak-Loch-Ken_or this…climbingwall_There’s a new museum about Robert Burns which is great for kidsTam-o-Shanter_If you get to come to the Fun Day you might do thisrun-kidsHave a great time!

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Photo of the orange sheep, Josie Campbell, photo of playpark, M&A Hogg; photo of Maidens beach, Gordon Brown;
photo of climbing wall, Galloway Activity Centre; photos of planets, Nasa;
photo of Tam o’Shanter by Alexander Goudie, the Alexander Goudie Trust