This page hosts pictures of Straiton and the surrounding countryside: if you have any photos (good ones!) you would like to submit, please contact us using the form on the About this Website page.

The photos below are from the Geograph website, and are the copyright of their respective authors. Thanks to Walter Baxter, Mary and Angus Hogg, David Johnston, Philip Jeffrey, W F Millar and Billy McCrorie

Below, some great photos by Charlie Craig, artist and resident of Straiton

Below, new high resolution photos © Charlie Craig – Straiton in the snow, fantastic shots from Monument Hill: Jan. 2013.

Below, some shots of the fantastic views from Guiltree Hill towards the hills. Thanks to Carol Watt. You can see monument hill clearly, as well as Bennan Hill with its triangle of forest, Cornish Hill with the notch in it (I think?) and the big hills of the Awful Hand Range behind, Shalloch-on-Minnoch and is the distant one Merrick? Anyone who can help confirm, please contact us!

Below, two photos by Andy Hardy of Dyke Farm Cottage. The Orion nebula in all its glory, and a young barn owl.

Below, four photos of a beautiful snowy winter by Eddie O’Gorman

Below, some large composite photos of the Straiton and the hills around