See the Ospreys at Loch Doon

Male Osprey at the nest with wings outstretched

Ospreys have been seen at Loch Doon since 2010 but, if the current pair manage to raise chicks this year, it could mean a permanent return of these magnificent birds after more than a hundred years. Once settled Ospreys return year after year to the same spot to raise their young. The Forestry Commission have constructed platforms in carefully selected trees and a pair has been observed building a home. Brian Meechan who runs the Roundhouse Café has set up a powerful telescope which the public can use to view the birds. Obviously it’s unwise to try to get close to the nesting area not to mention it’s illegal to approach the nest so the telescope at the Roundhouse is ideal.

Apart from the opportunity to see these rare and majestic birds Loch Doon is a great place to spend the day; there’s a ruined castle to explore, beautiful spots for a picnic and several walks to enjoy. To round it off you can return via the Carrick Forest Drive which finishes at the Stinchar Falls car park, south of Straiton.

To get to Loch Doon follow the A713 southwards from Dalmellington for 1.8 miles, turn right, signposted Loch Doon and Dark Sky Observatory. Continue along the single track road for approximately 2.2 miles and the Roundhouse Café is immediately after the bridge at the northern end of the Loch.